One advocate describes near-constant terror working at a restaurant

A restaurant I used to work at was run by seemingly brainwashed people who all thought along the same line. If you disagreed with them, they either fired you on the spot or they made life difficult. A lot of people quit.

Most of the staff (except the select) were miserable at work:

  • One employee was fired on a rumor that she said something unflattering about the owner.
  • Meanwhile one male employee failed to show up for a shift but he kept his job. When the female employee did the same thing (she had a flat tire), she was fired on the spot.
  • One employee was fired for making a mistake with a credit card. (This was one month after the brand new restaurant opened).
  • One employee was threatened with termination because she came in late when her daughter’s dental appointment ran late.
  • A rumor was started that two employees were sleeping together, and the female only was reprimanded.
  • Another rumor started that an employee was huffing hairspray. A raid of her belongings turned up...
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