Screw the Hierarchy: The Podcast

New episodes every Sunday at 7pm

The podcast about the social hierarchies that keep
white men in power positions at work,
most of the rest of us out of them,
and what we can do about it.

You feel robbed of your dignity, treading water from the shockwaves of abuse at work. You're stuck in a state of anger, ruminating about why and how you got here. You desperately want to move forward with your life.

Here you will find the validation and clarity to break free of your abuser's definition of you, heal from the trauma, and re-define your life on your own terms — and no one else's. Deb Falzoi will help you deeply understand workplace abuse so you can tap into your inner badass, screw the hierarchy, and define life on your own terms.

Facebook: @HierarchyPodcast
Twitter: @ScrewHierarchy


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