One advocate's story of a sham investigation

Florida is an at will-state, but I was fired after submitting a harassment claim. When I was interviewed by the "independent investigator," I stated, "How bad was the abuse for me to give up $85,000 salary, excellent benefits, FRS, six weeks PTO time, and nine years invested into the city and residents?"
The independent investigator was protected by the city. He was not objective. I knew I was screwed when the city attorney asked, "Are you submitting the claim because you do not want to work with the new City Manager?" and the independent investigator stated, "I will decide who I will interview." The independent investigator only interviewed the HR Director and Deputy City Manager. The HR Director targeted me for nine years, and Deputy City Manager was not going to speak up because she does not have a college degree, and she would never find another job at the salary she is making now. Here is my story.
I worked for a city in Miami Dade County, South Florida, for nine...
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