Opinion: I worry about the ability to inspire with demands for in-person work

Cathy Merrill: do better.

On May 6, the Washington Post published a piece titled "Opinion: As a CEO, I worry about the erosion of office culture with more remote work" (though originally titled "Opinion: As a CEO, I want my employees to understand the risks of not returning to work in the office." Perhaps she decided threatening her employees for protecting their health was bad optics and bad management.)

Chief executive of Washingtonian Media Cathy Merrill expresses concern over those who wish to continue working from home — "the unfortunately common office worker" — that would make employee advocate and career coach Liz Ryan's head shake.

Here are Merrill's main concerns with keeping workers remote:

  1. "We face re-creating a workplace where a good culture of trust will be harder to build." Merrill lists employees knowing one another through "established practices, unspoken rules, and shared values, established over years in large part by people interacting in person"...
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