How to know when a boss is abusive or just difficult

If you've been abused before, you may be waiting for the other shoe to drop when dealing with a new boss. But difficult does not mean abusive. Understanding your personality type and others' personality types may help you better appreciate others' strengths and understand how to work with their weaknesses.

Here's a quick guide to the four personality types to help you better get along with difficult people. (Most people have a primary type and a secondary type, and opposite corners have the most difficulty in getting along because they operate the most differently.)

Task-oriented and aggressive

Get It Dones are results-focused. They have aggressive, competitive natures and are independent.


  • Objective-focused
  • Know what they want and how to get there
  • Communicates quickly
  • Gets to the point
  • Hardworking
  • Does not shy away from conflict


  • Sometimes tactless and brusque
  • Can get impatient
  • Can be an "ends justify the means" type of person

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