I recovered from abuse at work (and you can too)

When I worked at a large university years ago, I found myself in the crosshairs of the abuser playbook. A higher-up slowly removed a website project from me (the entire reason I took the job) with no communication of poor performance. She tried moving my work onto a grad student, creating a committee to guide my work, and badmouthing me at meetings — all after months of praising my work. When I reported the problem to the head dean, he swept the problem under the rug, insisting that “it would work itself out.” (Huh?)

So the abuser retaliated. She gave me a written warning for not following a procedure — one that didn’t exist.

Not knowing where to turn to make the abuse stop, I went to HR to share my story. But the HR rep only asked how SHE (the bully) must’ve felt that I reported her for mistreatment. 

It was then that I realized the whole work culture was toxic.

For weeks, I felt anxious going into work wondering what the next abuse tactic of choice would be. I felt shocked by the school’s failure to address the issue. I felt let down, angry, and betrayed.

I realized I was going up against Goliath to fight for my basic right to dignity. So I decided I didn’t want to work for Goliath, built up my safety net, and moved on.

But my biggest win didn’t come from leaving and looking forward. My biggest win came from leaving and looking within to understand how I viewed my own power — and how I could keep it.

I want to show you how to do the same so you can live according to YOUR values.

Standing in your power to live life on your terms can be a big shift — and it’s far easier to do with support and guidance.

That's exactly why I've put together the Re-Define Virtual Summit for you.

Over 2 days, 11 speakers will help you stand in your power. That means living a life that works for YOU, designed by YOU, and embraced by YOU.

Some amazing presentations to help you stand in your power include:

  • What Does Recovery Look Like? Rebuilding Trust with Therapist Cyrina Talbott
  • Legislating Against Workplace Bullying with National Workplace Bullying Coalition President Jerry Carbo
  • Find Your Purpose, Start Your New Beginning with Career Coach Julie Boyer

And there are so many more amazing presentations relating to trauma recovery, resilience, and reframing.

Get all the details — and your FREE ticket.

Can't wait to see you there!

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