3 ways to take your life back after abuse at work

While it may feel impossible to get back up emotionally and mentally, you deserve your attention in rising again and giving life a big HECK yes. Here’s how you can get there:

Know you’re not the problem

I want you for a minute to replay a toxic scenario at work in your head like a film reel. Watch the tactics the bully uses: what the bully says, how the bully says it, and how it makes you feel.

Now replay the scenario with how you wanted the bully to communicate instead and how you wanted to feel. Were better approaches options? Were better outcomes possible?

You see, once we realize what healthy leadership looks like, we realize the toxic behaviors have nothing to do with us and everything to do with the insecurity and need for power and control from the bully (and the employer enabling this behavior).

Learn skills to put yourself first

Once we’ve been abused at work, we realize just how much our needs matter. We realize that it matters less that others approve of us and our work and more that we approve of ourselves and uphold our values. 

We can learn skills to uphold those needs — whether it’s asserting our needs in the moment or bouncing back from a toxic interaction that has nothing to do with us (even if we’re told it does).

Carve out a life that gets you energized

It’s one thing to know what we DON’T want. It’s another thing to look back on our lives and observe what direction major life events point us in. We grow up with pressure from all directions: our parents, our siblings, our friends, our peers, television, movies, magazines…. But when we stop to turn off the noise and listen to ourselves, we find we can make choices that work for US (and not anyone whose approval we thought we needed).

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We even have presentations for each of the steps we talked about today! Here's some that fit well with each of our points:

  • Know you’re not the problem
    • Workplace Bullying 101
    • Legislating Against Workplace Bullying
  • Learn skills to put yourself first
    • What Does Recovery Look Like? Rebuilding Trust
    • Living with Resilience
  • Carve out a life that gets you energized
    • Liberate Your Soul
    • Find Your Purpose, Start Your New Beginning

So much good stuff!

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