Why this could be the right time to transform skills into business success

By Vanessa Holwell

2020 is the year of change. While some of that change has been stressful and impossible to control, you can still maintain control over so many of your career choices. So if you're thinking of making some changes in your career, this could be the year you really define yourself and step into your power. Deb and Dignity Together can help you manage this transition, but the resources below can also help you polish your skills and use them to find success in business.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Pursue A Degree
Remote work and online classes could provide opportunities to further your education.
Business degrees are a top choice for entrepreneurs.
● You could earn a business degree online from WGU.
● Which will open you up to endless career possibilities.
● Or you could advance in your current field with a degree.

Then You Can Look for Remote Work Opportunities
With more companies moving to remote work, you can pursue even more job openings.
● There are over 100 companies seeking remote workers.
● So you can snag remote work without sacrificing any salary.
Staying organized can help you land a remote work position.
● It can also be helpful to get familiar with remote work apps.

Or You Could Offer Freelance Services to Businesses
Freelance work is also growing in popularity within the business sector, even pre-pandemic.
● Most corporations utilize on-demand workers or freelancers.
● Facebook is just one of the top businesses that hire freelancers.
● Or you could list your freelance services on an online job board.
● You can even use freelance guides to find jobs and success.

You Could Even Consider Opening Up Your Own Business
Despite an economic downturn, it’s still possible to open and run a successful business.
Service-based businesses have been growing in popularity.
● So make sure your business solves a problem for consumers.
● There are still plenty of grants available to fund your business.
Smart marketing will be especially crucial for your new business.

We’ve all been through so many changes this year, so why not start planning for some positive changes in your career? You can use extra time at home to enhance your education or even start your own business. So don’t let 2020 get you down. Instead make this the year you take control of your success and achieve your goals of success in business.

Remember to turn to Dignity Together for information, advice, and help in your career journey.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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