The singlemost important thing to remember in trying to end workplace abuse

Those of us who experienced workplace abuse firsthand remember a specific period of time: the window of time after the abuse pattern started when we felt most isolated and before we knew the term "workplace abuse."

Think about that time for a moment.

Remember when you discovered the term. You may have searched online for help and stumbled into the term. You may have read what workplace abuse is and what its effects are on your health. You may even remember exactly where you were when you found the term.

You suddenly felt less alone. You suddenly felt as though you weren't crazy, you weren't imagining what was happening to you, and you were and should have been just as shocked by your experience as your friends and family when you described it to them.

There are thousands of people out there just like you who feel isolated today — people who have no idea that what's happening to them at work isn't their fault. These are the people who would join our base of supporters and champion legislation moving forward — if only they knew what workplace abuse is.

These are the people who we need to educate on a simple, basic level: what is workplace abuse?

Take these people out of isolation by telling them what workplace abuse is.

Don't let another day go by letting these people live in isolation. Help make the term "workplace abuse" a household term so that no one has to live the isolation you went through before you took back the power.

What was it like for you to discover the term "workplace abuse"? Do you remember where you were, how you discovered it, and what it felt like?

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