One advocate's experience of workplace mobbing

I am being tagged for being myself.
The managers are aware of what is going on but say nothing.
They seem to get a kick out of it because I guess they expect me, being Black, to get up in their faces, swear, and knock someone out so they can get rid of me — or worse, locked up.
There was a layoff in June 2016, and my previous co-worker retired. Four months before she retired, the managers claimed there was no money but were able to hire and hide positions that were open and available. They did not share them with current employees. The director of the department claims "he hid the positions in case staff were laid off."  So they re-hired this manipulative man who worked in another department. He now sits behind me.
From day one, we did not get along because he was friends with two other trouble-making men who I did not get along with and had an encounter with. From that day on, they would laugh at and talk about me.
They've spent 30 years doing the minimum, gossiping, and making others' lives miserable. They hate to see anyone smiling and enjoying themselves. This co-worker is devious, manipulative, and immature. They go along to get along. All of the employees know what is going on but are afraid to get involved so that they will not be targeted — or they just don't care because it's not them on the receiving end. Some of them join in.
I would like to catch them on camera to show others that they should not go along with what is wrong.
The issue is that I mind my business. I observed who not to be around and who to and they don't like that. I do not go to work looking for trouble or want any trouble to come my way because I'm being me.

This has been going on for at least several years. Enough is enough.

The word "bullying" should not be given power because bullies are cowards — insecure individuals reflecting their lack of insufficiency onto other strong individuals who they only hope they could be.


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Where did you work and what did you do?
How did the bullying begin? What tactics were used?
How did you feel?
How did it escalate?
How did your employer react (or not react)?
What was the impact on you?
What was the impact on the organization?
Why do you want workplace bullying legislation to pass?
What advice do you have for others going through bullying at work?

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