Get out of a rut and into your best life at the Re-Define Retreat this May

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2020


Shock. Intense grief and anger. Fear. Hopelessness. Rumination. 

These feelings are common when workplace abuse disrupts our lives, leading us to feel stuck and isolated, like a shell of our old selves.

But face-to-face communication is the antidote for feeling alone. Through validation, you'll realize you're not alone — and not the problem. 

With this key discovery, you'll begin your own unique journey to recovery as you seek to re-define yourself and re-discover your self-worth as you heal from the trauma. You'll start to get back that spark so you can tell life who's boss.

That's the goal of the Re-Define Retreat, an all-inclusive, intimate getaway May 1-3, 2020 in a French chateau replica in beautiful Rye, NY, just 30 minutes from NYC.

You’ll transcend your pain, drop stress, get out of a rut, escape your comfort zone, and improve your mental health — using proven coping strategies, tools, and methods of recovery from workplace abuse. With connection, support, community, self-care, and creativity, you can move on to your best life yet.

Join us as we unearth an energy that ignites you into envisioning a life you absolutely love, with practical steps to get there in this weekend getaway of support, warmth, and inspiration:

  • Quiet your mind as you connect with others and better understand the abuse playbook isn’t about you
  • Discover journaling, the perfect technique for dealing with and letting go of complex emotions to restore your mental and emotional health
  • Rid yourself of old paradigms and gain clarity to transcend your painful past with harborside morning exercise and a nature walk
  • Find the fun and creativity in life again through cooking and painting
  • Keep the focus on your purpose and future possibilities with chats about what’s next in your career and self-care, getting back in touch with what brings you joy
  • Find your people by building a new community to connect with during and after your stay
  • Tap into your inner badass and define your life by your terms — no one else’s

The result: a life of purpose defined by you — and no one else.

Get tickets today. Early bird pricing lasts until Friday, January 31:

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