Fun ways to generate income when you’re between jobs

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

By Craig Brown

Being between jobs is a tough situation, especially if you're having trouble making ends meet. However, there are lots of ways to cover that employment gap that involve having fun and preparing you for the next step in your career. Here are a few ideas that can help you do that very thing. 


First Things First

Before you start tossing around applications, do a little soul searching. Think about why you’re in the situation you’re in. Is your career path stunted or a bad fit? Did you leave a rough situation, such as a toxic atmosphere? Or have you just not found out yet what you really want to do? 

Take some time to sort things out. You might need to talk with a career counselor, invest in your education, or take steps to heal before you’re ready to give your all to a new role. In that case, it’s especially important to choose something that not only keeps bread on the table, but also allows you to gather the tools you need for the next step up.


Opportunities for Growth

Do you love interacting with other people? Or do you prefer to work quietly in the background, doing research, organizing, or crunching numbers? Either way, you might get your foot in the door of the insurance industry. As TalentEgg explains, entry-level opportunities are richly varied, from sales to investigations, and the industry expects a slew of retirements in the next two to six years. That means room for growth, and if you get hired by a good employer, they might even pay to further your education and credentials. 

Since the employer can make or break your situation, make sure you do a little research before you commit. For instance, you can look at employee reviews on Indeed for companies like Lincoln Heritage, and it will tell you a lot about how well they treat their people. 


Flexibility and Fulfillment

Do you have a soft spot for wagging tails and wet kisses? Becoming a dog sitter could be a perfect fit! Not only do you get paid to enjoy canine companionship, it’s loaded with health benefits. Dogs promote mental health in important ways, lifting your mood and reducing stress levels. Plus, going for walks and playing with them provides physical activity, which can improve your energy levels and keep your heart healthy. And job-wise, you can set your hours, fees, and various parameters yourself.

If you’re wondering how to get started, City Pet Sitters suggests thinking about what specific services you’ll offer and gathering some referrals before connecting with an online job board like Rover. That way, you’ll be building your reputation right off the bat.


Sell Thrifty Finds

Do you have a great eye for a bargain? Selling used goods online is a terrific way to generate income, and you can work entirely at your own pace. If you’re a crafty sort, you can even do some upcycling. Converting old things into new things is not only popular, it’s conscientious, and being creative is a boon to your mental health. Learn how to price things for a profit, then set yourself up with various online shopping sites. It’s a terrific way to do something that keeps your checking account in the black yet is satisfying and fun.

Whether you left a bad situation or simply had a bad fit, your next role can be a stepping stone in important ways. One way or another, you can not only earn an income but make progress in your career. Explore the possibilities and have fun with whatever you decide. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

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