We believe all employees deserve dignity and respect at work for their well-being.

Dignity and respect should be employees’ civil right and human right.
We believe in boosting employees outside of work
and teaching their employers what it means to provide a healthy workplace.

Targets: reverse the damage of workplace bullying and take back your life

Learn about what workplace bullying is, why it happens, and and what you can do about it.

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What workplace bullying targets are saying

"The course gave me effective solutions that I wished that I knew about when I was going through my workplace bullying experience. I would’ve made different choices.”

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Therapists: you can help targets take back their power

Take our training class designed for targets, and we'll promote you to workplace bullying targets.

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Don't stay in isolation

You’re stressed out and angry, and it gets worse the longer the bullying goes on, making you an easier target for the bully. Your physical and mental health are depleted. You consider or take stress leave. You might think that speaking up will do you no good without the law on your side.

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