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Hi, I'm Deb. I believe all employees should have a fundamental right to dignity and respect at work for well-being. I help employees define themselves according to their own values and teach their employers how to get results by focusing on employees' power.

How you can play a role in
employee well-being

Workplace stress is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. (that's right — FIFTH). Targets, therapists, and employers can help change that number.


Reverse the damage of workplace abuse and take back your life. Learn about what workplace abuse is, why it happens, and and what you can do about it.



You can help targets take back their power. Take my course for therapists and build your client base when I promote you as a therapist to workplace abuse targets.



If you manage others, learn how to empower your employees and create or contribute to a healthy workplace so employees can feel motivated.


Targets: you deserve better

Options to take your life back:

The Course

You’re stressed out, and it gets worse as the abuse goes on. Your physical and mental health are depleted. Where do you go from here, and how do you heal? 


Live Support

Learn about online peer support groups via Zoom that will help you feel heard and validated. Join one in your area or start one to help others stop feeling isolated.


Daily Boost

Get a daily tip or inspiration right in your inbox to start your day. Remind yourself that you're not the problem. It's like a daily pep-talk from a friend who gets it.


Local Therapists

A growing list of therapists who understand workplace abuse and can help you navigate what you're going through and explore your worldview at its roots.


"If you're experiencing, have experienced, or just want to learn more about workplace abuse, this is the course to take. The online modules will walk you through the experience of workplace abuse, explaining why it happens, options for best ways to handle it, and how to take care of yourself in the process. The information provided is insightful, full of resources, and easy to understand. Another benefit to this unique program are the live chats. The ability to share your thoughts and discuss the program was one of my favorite parts."

"The course gave me effective solutions that I wished that I knew about when I was going through my workplace bullying experience. I would’ve made different choices."

"I have studied this phenomenon for over a year, and this course added so much more to my knowledge base. I highly recommend this course to anyone working in an organization. My only wish is that I would have taken the class sooner. Deb is a true expert in this field and in her, you will find a safe and welcoming place to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!"

"I love, LOVE this course!"

"My biggest take away was knowing that I'm not alone in this horrible experience with an unhealthy workplace. Unhealthy environments are ruining lives and increasing suicide."


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