Discover how to transform your work culture
(or department culture) —
so you can get results

without becoming a dictator or giving up everything you worked for


Do you ever look at your goals for your team, shake your head, and wonder, "how on earth are we going to get there?"

No matter how clearly and often you tell your team what you need, you can't get them to get the work done as you want. You wonder what it will take to feel like your employees care enough to get the results you're looking for.

Meanwhile, you're stressed out you won't do what you set out to get done. You're consumed with:

  • Putting out fires (when you simply want time to figure out how those flames are starting in the first place)
  • Worrying about when your employees will figure out you don't have all the answers (imposter syndrome is no picnic)
  • Wondering what you did or didn't do to make your employees lose their motivation (or how to prevent it from happening in the first place)
  • Figuring out how to turn the ship around or prevent a downward spiral and motivate your employees (foosball tables? exercise classes? more money? beer? what will it take?)
  • Wondering what your staff REALLY thinks about working for you and if they're telling you — and if their concerns are valid or just plain selfish
  • Making excuses to your boss — or yourself — as to why your team isn't up to snuff
  • Wondering how you got to this point in the first place (when and where did things go wrong?) — or what you can do to prevent it

It feels like climbing Mount Everest — and you don't even know what first step to take or in some cases what your goal even is. You feel like you're on a road trip without a map, GPS, signs, or even destination (it was fun for a bit, but now it's mostly frustrating and exhausting).

It's BEYOND overwhelming.

It feels hopeless. I get it.

Right now, transforming your work culture
might seem like an impossible task.

But I promise: you don’t have to become a dictator
to get the results you're looking for.

Imagine putting the wheels in motion to...

  • Watch your team firing on all cylinders — collaborating, communicating, trusting and respecting each other, smiling, and laughing.
  • Know what to do when your teams or someone on it gets off course.
  • Have a solid grasp on where you're going and how you'll get there.
  • Use tools to keep employees excited to work — because you're the only part of the equation you can control.
  • Create an overall energizing work environment (where you can't wait to get started on your work every morning).
  • Feel in control of your team (focused and confident even on a bad day).
  • Know your values and sync them with all aspects of your life.

And all of THAT means embracing one key mindset that will help you give your team a big HELL YES.

You're officially an Inspiring Leader.

The reason you’ve been struggling with inspiring your team
isn’t for lack of trying.

You’re struggling because what got you to this point
won't get you to the next one.

It’s time to take a new approach to managing
so you can become a leader who inspires.


Transform Your Work Culture Bootcamp

Take the ego out of your team — and get results

without becoming a dictator or giving up everything you worked for
A self-paced course with a Facebook community

The Transform Your Work Culture Bootcamp

is a training designed specifically for managers

who are currently struggling with motivating employees or
are new to management and want to prevent un-inspiring habits.

With the bootcamp,
you'll begin to step into becoming an Inspiring Leader.

You'll learn what to stop doing and what to start doing
to create a culture employees love: a winning team.


You see, I'd been on the receiving end of bad management for years. I found myself reprimanded for others' incompetencies and miscommunications, at the mercy of my bosses' poor work ethics, and struggling to stay motivated when there was no clear direction. Incompetencies and lack of ethics led me to becoming a political activist for workers' rights.

And over a decade, I saw the patterns of mismanagement that left so many hard-working, highly competent workers feeling demotivated and broken.

I heard stories of those pulling the most weight on their teams feeling excluded for speaking up about issues. I heard about micromanagement. I heard about removal of responsibilities. I heard about downright humiliation. I heard about false accusations. I heard about punishment of workers who simply spoke up about unfair treatment.

And then I managed workers myself: first a team of workers and then an entire business. I thought I knew what would work based on what I'd learned from my own work experiences, but boy was I wrong.

I knew some basics and a few baby steps. But I had NO IDEA where to start when it came to turning around a ship of checked-out employees. It wasn't simply that they weren't communicating any new ideas to move the business forward: no ideas to improve processes or make their work more efficient. It was that there was animosity and defensiveness resulting in arguments. There were workers who weren't held accountable for mistreatment or not doing their jobs.

What's more: I had no grasp of the big picture. Where were we headed? How would I build trust to get there? And how would I maintain trust along the way?

It was overwhelming. I felt humbled, worn out, and worried about what I'd gotten myself into.

What I learned in those experiences was that there are two learning curves: what NOT to do and what to START doing. And I only knew part of one of those curves.

That is, until I started researching, learning, and working with a consultant to get on track and learn the tools I needed to get my team where I wanted us to be: where employees felt comfortable approaching me with problems so we could fix them, offering up better ways of approaching their own roles, and trusting and supporting one another so the arguments would stop and problem-solving would be the norm. 

Suddenly I'd hear employees say they felt valued and were excited about their ideas for improving the business. It was no longer MY business. It was OUR business.

I was energized. I was motivated. And my team was, too.

I want to share my mindset and tools with you so you can become an inspiring leader like I did.

Knowing what to stop doing and start doing was THE BEST WAY for me to get results from my team.


1. What poor management does to employees AND to businesses so you can know the costs to not taking action.

2. What to stop doing so you can stop the bleeding with your team and model the humility and accountability you want to see in them.

3. How to address toxic behaviors in others
 so you can keep your workers free and safe from damage.



1. Create a culture of radical honesty so you can avoid the resentment and egos that result from not feeling heard.

2. Resolve conflicts
 so you can focus on accountability and get things done.

3. Manage change 
so you can focus on readiness, avoid drama, and get buy-in.

4. Work with employees when their performance isn't up to par
 so you can know how to handle difficult situations.

5. Get started
 so you can put ideas into motion TODAY and get the results you've wanted.

I've developed my framework using the lessons I’ve learned from:

  • Hearing TONS of stories over the years and seeing how the best workers can lose their mojo.

  • Researching what the most successful companies do to keep themselves in growth mode.

  • Implementing what it takes to inspire employees to action that gets results.

This bootcamp is NOT for those who:

  • Care more about their egos than the success of their organizations
  • Insist that power and control are the most effective way to manage (they're absolutely not)
  • Aren't ready to lead their teams to greatness (or don't believe it's possible)


"Your bootcamp was so helpful.
It validated many issues for me."


"I had a terrific experience. I appreciate all of the insights from everyone there."


"My biggest takeaway was knowing
I'm not alone."

A $497 value — for only $37.


Join now and get these bonuses!

I know you may be thinking "I can't take on anything new" for any number of reasons: 

You're stressed out.
You're busy putting out fires.
You're completely overwhelmed.

I get it. It's a lot. But that pain won't stop until you tackle the big picture. And I'm here to help you do that.


Learn the
5 Ways Leaders Get Power

Know that what got you into your role won't be the same traits that will keep you in it. 



Understand your strengths and challenges with the
Guide to Your Leadership Type 

Understand your worldview to learn what your greatest gifts are and where you can grow.



Understand where you stand with the
Self-Assessment Library

Take self-assessments from some of the biggest names in leadership so you can see where you're at.



Hold yourself accountable with the
Habits Tracking Worksheet

Use this easy tool to track what damaging actions you're doing so you can know what to work on. 



Enforce your values with the
Workplace Anti-Bullying Policy Guide

Learn how to create a workplace anti-bullying policy that's effective.



Feel validated and supported in the
Facebook Group Community

A key component to learning is connecting with others who've gone through similar situations and moving forward together. In this private Facebook community, you'll find the tribe you've been looking for.


Your first step is
to believe you deserve to be on a winning team and
to inspire others to help create it.

Through this bootcamp, you'll:

  1. Understand what toxic work cultures look like.
  2. Know the costs of NOT taking action.
  3. See what to stop doing to prevent a toxic work culture and instead model the humility and accountability you want in your team members.
  4. Learn how to address toxic behaviors in others.
  5. Keep your workers free and safe from damage.


Are you ready to elevate your future?

Get the bootcamp ($497 value)
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Hey, I'm Deb!

I’ve been researching what employees do and don't need to feel energized and motivated for more than a decade.

My journey started with suffering through a toxic work environment in higher ed — where I learned firsthand what happens to employee motivation when the entire work culture is toxic.

I then built a base of thousands of advocates who collectively demand better workplaces.

After seeing the impact of toxic work cultures on so many workers, I took the leap away from my 9-5 to help others feel strong and competent in their roles. I knew I could help so many managers in a structured way.

And Elevates was born.

I researched what does and doesn't work for inspiring employees and then developed my framework based on what I knew really worked — even for me.

These ideas are helping managers currently struggling with motivating employees, just like you, to create winning teams they're proud of.

My 2x guarantee

If after watching the first two sections you feel like you haven't doubled the value of your investment, I'll send your money back in full because I want this bootcamp to begin to change your life.