Go from self-blame to no shame
after abuse at work

without sacrificing your integrity and damaging your health and self-worth even more
(which is what your bully wants, right?)


Do you ever look at what's going on at work
and wonder, "what can I do to stop this maddening injustice?"

No matter what you do to fix the situation, there's a giant target on your back. You go into work every day wondering what the next nightmare will be. Lying about you? Ignoring you? Taking away responsibilities? Gossiping about you?

Meanwhile, the more you try to fix it, the worse it gets. You're sick to your stomach and stressed out of your mind. Anxiety. Depression. Daily. You're consumed with:

  • Figuring out how you can change to make the bully happy (and realizing NOTHING is ever good enough — no matter how above and beyond you go)
  • Ruminating about what you could've done differently to avoid the nonsense or to fight back (the scenarios seem endless, but you insist on finding the perfect one)
  • Wondering if what the bully says about you is true (you know it's not, but you're confused why people are starting to believe what he says)
  • Bouncing from figuring out how to confront the bully to whether or not to speak up to deciding if and when to leave — and never landing on a solution that feels right
  • Believing you're just one move away from the organization stepping in and holding the bully accountable once and for all (but what will that move be?)
  • Justifying to people in your life that it's NOT you by filling in every detail as evidence
  • Worrying about what other health issues will crop up the longer you stay in the nightmare

After all that, you focus on how on earth you'll muster the energy to get up tomorrow to go to work and dodge the landmines. You spend every minute of your commute into work DREADING dealing with the bully. You hold back tears. You feel nauseous.

Forget trying to grow in your career. Forget having a plan.

You're just trying to make it through the day.

It's BEYOND exhausting.

It feels hopeless. I get it.

Right now, workplace bullying might seem
like a problem only kiss-ups can avoid.
And that's not you.

But I promise: you don’t have to sacrifice who you are
to get the dignity you deserve.

Bottom line: you simply want to stop the pain before your health worsens

— and you can get out.

What if you could stand in your power and putting the wheels in motion to...

  • Get where YOU want to be: killing it on a collaborative winning team you love, heading up your own business you're passionate about, taking a break in a survival job to re-charge — whatever serves your soul?
  • Know the truth behind what's going on?
  • Have a solid grasp on what you deserve?
  • Use tools to understand and communicate your needs — because you're the only part of the equation you can control?
  • Be in an energizing work environment (and you can't wait to get started on your work every morning)?
  • Feel in control of your life again (focused and confident even on a bad day)?
  • Know your values and purpose and sync them with all aspects of your life?

And all of THAT means embracing YOU: feeling like you matter, embracing the fun with friends, and living life on YOUR terms.

I'm talking giving life a big HELL YES. (Laughing again, here you come.)

You're officially the CEO of Your Life.

The reason you’ve been struggling at work
isn’t because of anything your bully wants you to believe.

You’re struggling because there are
THREE huge forces working against you.

It’s time to take a new approach to your situation — and your life.


The Re-Claim Your Power After Abuse At Work Bootcamp

Learn how to go from self-blame to no shame after abuse at work
without sacrificing your integrity and damaging your health and self-worth even more
(which your bully is ALL ABOUT)
A self-paced course with an online group community

The Re-Claim Your Power After Abuse At Work Bootcamp

is a training designed specifically for targets

who are currently bullied at work.

With The Re-Claim Your Power At Work Bootcamp,
you'll begin to step into becoming the CEO of Your Life.

using a three-tiered framework 
for starting to heal and moving onto your best life.


You see, when I worked at a well-known private university in Boston, I found myself in a bullying nightmare. I'd spent months making sure faculty and staff could trust me so they'd go to me with their news — their research, new programs, and awards — so I could do my job of spreading the word.

But a few months into the job, things started to go south quickly. An assistant dean turned my life upside down. 

She tried taking work away from me (with no communication of poor performance), excluded me, fabricated information, gave me contradictory directions, belittled me in meetings, and badmouthed me.

I had trouble sleeping, feared her next move, and felt bitter that MY character was brought into question to those not involved with the situation — not hers.

I was downright miserable.

I had no idea what to do. So I met with the head dean about the problem, but he simply told me that issues “would work themselves out.” I met with HR, and they empathized with abuser who others also reported.

That's when the abuser's revenge began. 

She gave me a formal written warning for not following procedures — that were never established — for swapping out a website news story. That's right — for simply changing content that was never before an issue or communicated to be one, my entire livelihood was on the line. I was at the mercy of her power trip.

The head dean then responded via e-mail that someone would be hired under her to complete the project not based on my competence but as a way to resolve issues.

One month before I left the job, I notified the Provost's office of the mistreatment. They ignored my letter.

I felt disrespected, worn out, useless, and humiliated. I worried about when I'd lose my job. I was walking on thin ice with my career, health, and financial well-being. 

I worked my tail off, but her insecurities and thirst for power won. Was it really happening? How could someone who walked from office to office gossiping about employees and who showed little knowledge of how to manage had more protections than someone who cared about performing well and the organization's success?

Something wasn't adding up. 

So I researched until I finally discovered the term "workplace abuse." It was exactly what was happening to me. An incompetent, unethical abuser was given full reign to abuse a competent, ethical employee: me. 

That research more than a decade ago led me to a key discovery that helped me go from self-blame to no shame to put me on the road to take back my life. A path that led me to live life on MY terms — starting a business, following my passions, and standing by my values.

I want to share that discovery with you so you can take back your power like I did — and this three-tiered framework was THE BEST WAY for me to understand this key piece that's also helped SO MANY others.


What targets are saying:


1. Identify workplace bullying when you see it so you can remind yourself you're not the person your bully wants you to think you are.

2. Understand the context in history so you know it's a culture problem and not a you problem.

3. Identify your work culture
so you can see just how deep the toxicity goes.

4. See through the abuser lens
so you can make sense of the situation (even if your values don't align).



1. Understand your options — the road map, the big picture and day-to-day short-term plans and the long-term plan — so you can make decisions that are best for you while armed with the realities. 

2. Know if working with an attorney is right for you so you can decide what justice will look like for YOU.

3. Gain new skills and insights around communication, resilience, mindset shifts, purpose, childhood trauma, and more
 so you can unlearn behaviors from childhood that don't serve you and know what to replace them with.

4. Hear the stories of others who've experienced workplace bullying
 so you can feel seen and heard and intentionally make choices to move in the direction you want.

I've developed this framework using the lessons I’ve learned from:

  • Researching workplace bullying for the past decade.

  • Hearing TONS of stories over the years and seeing common misconceptions.

  • Teaching hundreds of targets of workplace bullying about this epidemic.

This bootcamp is NOT for those who:

  • Are out of a toxic work environment in the healing phase
  • Insist on blaming themselves for the abuse
  • Aren't ready or don't want to take the first step toward standing in their power (or don't believe a better life is out there)


"Your bootcamp was so helpful.
It validated many issues for me."


"I had a terrific experience. I appreciate all of the insights from everyone there."


"My biggest takeaway was knowing
I'm not alone."

A $997 value — for only $37.


Join now and get these bonuses!

I know you may be thinking "I can't move on" for any number of reasons: 

Your self-esteem needs an EMT.
You don't see anyone hiring employees your age.
Your resume is somewhere under an inch of dust.

I get it. But there are people who've been in your shoes who break through the obstacles — and you can, too.


Thrust yourself into action with the
Get Past The Fear Masterclass

In this masterclass, I'll walk you through five major tools that can help you keep your mindset in a place of power. You’ll have tools ready for taking on your most limited beliefs.



Catch yourself on hard days with the
Big Boost Cheat Sheet

You'll have tough days on your journey. Fill in this cheat sheet to remind yourself of your key takeaways and keep it on hand for when you need a boost.



Feel validated and supported in the
Facebook Group Community

A key component to healing is connecting with others who've gone through similar situations and moving forward together. In this private Facebook community, you'll find the tribe you've been looking for.



Take immediate action to process your situation with the Bootcamp Workbook

Process your situation so you can detach from it in the short-term with this easy-to-use workbook.


Your first step is believing
that your life can be
so much better
than what
you're dealing with now.

Are you ready to fight for your future?

Get the bootcamp ($497)
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Total: $705


Hey, I'm Deb!

I’ve been connecting with targets of workplace abuse, building momentum around legislation, and using social media to build a movement for more than a decade.

My journey started with suffering through a toxic work environment in higher ed — where I learned firsthand what worked and didn't work to address the injustice.

I then built a base of thousands of advocates who collectively told the Massachusetts State Legislature enough is enough.

After seeing the impact I was making through social media alone, I took the leap away from my 9-5 to help others navigate this epidemic. Lots of advocates took back their power, but I knew I could help so many more targets in a more structured way.

And Dignity Together was born.

I don’t call myself an “expert” just because followers became CEOs of their lives.

I researched what works when tackling the trauma of workplace bullying and then developed my framework based on what I knew really worked — even for me.

These ideas have helped targets currently struggling with navigating a toxic work environment, just like you, to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

My guarantee

If after the first module you believe you haven't received back the value of your investment, I'll send your money back in full because I want this bootcamp to begin to change your life.

Testimonials and screenshots used on this page and in promotional materials are examples and may not apply to all persons. They are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent, and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Participants were not paid for their review or testimonial. I do not offer any legal, medical, or other professional advice.