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self-blame to no shame

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Do you ruminate over the details of the abuse and why it happened?

You'll find out how the abuse is textbook behavior and all about the abuser's insecurity.

Do you wonder what you could've done differently to avoid the abuse?

You'll understand the main thing you could've done is to be a mediocre employee.

Has your abuser convinced you you're the problem?

You'll realize why you aren't the problem so you can start to heal and move on with your life.

How I Healed From Workplace Abuse

I made a key discovery that set me on a path to healing

When I worked at a well-known private university in Boston, I enjoyed my work, built relationships with professors, and received compliments on my work from staff members.

I made sure faculty and staff could trust me so they'd go to me with their news — their research, new programs, and awards — so I could do my job of spreading the word.

But a few months into the job, things started to go south quickly. An assistant dean turned my life upside down. 

She tried taking work away from me (with no communication of poor performance), excluded me, fabricated information, gave me contradictory directions, belittled me in meetings, and badmouthed me.

I had trouble sleeping, feared her next move, and felt bitter that MY character was brought into question to those not involved with the situation — not hers.

I met with the head dean about the problem, but he simply told me that issues “would work themselves out.”

That's when the abuser's revenge began. 

She gave me a formal written warning for not following procedures — that were never established — for swapping out a website news story. That's right — for simply changing content that was never before an issue or communicated to be one, my entire livelihood was on the line. I was at the mercy of her power trip.

This time I met with Human Resources, who defended her. The head dean then responded via e-mail that someone would be hired under her to complete the project not based on my competence but as a way to resolve issues.

One month before I left the job, I notified the Provost's office of the mistreatment. The issue went ignored. I felt disrespected, worn out, useless, and humiliated. I worried about when I'd lose my job. I was walking on thin ice with my career, health, and financial well-being. I was miserable.

I worked my tail off, but her insecurities and thirst for power won. Was it really happening? How could it possibly be that someone who walked from office to office gossiping about employees and who showed little knowledge of how to manage had more protections than someone who cared about performing well and the organization's success?

Something wasn't adding up. 

So I researched until I finally discovered the term "workplace abuse." It was exactly what was happening to me. An incompetent, unethical abuser was given full reign to abuse a competent, ethical employee: me. 

That experience more than a decade ago led me to a key discovery that helped me go from self-blame to no shame to put me on the road to take back my life.

I want to share that discovery with you.

What each day will look like

Each day will consist of a live, one-hour Zoom meeting that will be recorded and posted in our exclusive, private Facebook group so you can watch it later or over again. Then I'll archive the group after three months so you can make connections and revisit videos, but you'll have the info as long as Facebook exists.

Every live session runs at 12pmET and will be posted in the private Facebook group the same day.


We'll go over exactly
what workplace abuse is
and share our stories (optional).


Identify your work culture as a way to put the abuse in context in the present.


Understand the context in history to see why you're a target of abuse at work.


See the world through the abuser lens and understand why the abuser is out for power.


Understand the key to start your path to healing as we create our cheat sheets and chat as a group.


Connect with others going through the same thing in group chats and our private Facebook group.

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