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The Top Ten Things That Sucked Most About Workplace Abuse Recovery

Janice White, Blogger, The Empowered Employee, and Director of Fundraising, National Workplace Bullying Coalition

Janice remembers the moment she asked a workplace abuse expert how long it takes targets of workplace abuse to recover. His answer? “A lifetime.” And while for many, a lifetime can be the case, Janice refused to accept it... and so can you! In this video, Janice shares her story of how she overcame one of the darkest moments of her life through the power of curiosity, gratefulness, connection, and self-care. You'll know workplace abuse does NOT have to define the rest of your life.

After losing a 16 year career in the aviation industry to the horrific effects of workplace abuse, Janice began The Empowered Employee, a blog site for targets of workplace abuse where she shares her insights about workplace abuse to help targets heal. She holds a BA in psychology and is affiliated with both The Workplace Bullying Institute and EndWorkplaceAbuse.com. In addition, Janice hosts a Dignity Together Support Group, co-hosts a weekly chat called Two Targets Talk, and is a co-founder of Re-Define, a yearly summit and retreat aimed at helping targets heal and Re-Define our workplaces.