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Move On and Find Work You Love

Learn to connect with yourself and find the reason you were put on this planet.

Led by Career Coach and Author Julie Boyer

In this 5-part series, Julie takes you on a journey to:

  1. Let yourself want more. As you encounter days you want to forget and frustration you’re dying to finally move beyond, your longing for something different is growing, and so is your motivation to change. This longing and motivation is key to where you are headed in life.
  2. Connect with your vision. Aligning with our true desires gives us courage. It brings us in touch with what’s right for us and what feels right in general. It’s easier to see opportunities and act on opportunities when things feel right.
  3. Get strong. Acting from a disempowered mindset will most likely create outcomes you don’t want (and have experienced before), and acting from an empowered mindset will most likely lead you to realize your vision.
  4. Sustain your power. Learn what it really takes to realize a vision. Even one that feels far away.
  5. Make it all happen. Instead of expecting yourself to solve your career riddle like everyone else does or come up with a guaranteed path to success so you can avoid the messy vulnerable process of real discovery, make your world hospitable to being creative.

Julie was THE most popular speaker at the Re-Define Summit in 2019.

She helps people who are unsatisfied at work find freedom to be themselves so they can enjoy life and make a bigger impact.