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Re-Define Virtual Summit VIP All Access Pass: Oppressive Cultures

At the Re-Define Virtual Summit: Oppressive Cultures, targets of workplace abuse connected with other targets as they heard from experts on topics around coping with both an oppressive overall culture and the toxic work cultures within it.

Targets felt seen, validated, empowered, and hopeful.

They understood how the law and the abuser playbook reinforce a system built on stereotypes, power, and control.

They saw:

  • What a healthy work culture should look like
  • How the trauma of oppression affects us from a psychological perspective
  • How to shift their mindset to one of self-belonging
  • How to see choices and make them
  • How to take collective action to fix our toxic policies

When you hear these talks, your new tools can help you approach situations with confidence so you can live your best life.

The goal is to take a big step to understanding what happened and how to now define yourself according to YOUR values. Our team of experts will help you on that journey to get there.

It’s time to make it happen so you can become the CEO of Your Life.

What you'll get:

  • 8 sessions that will help you cope with our oppressive culture from a place of power
  • Lifetime access to slide decks and presentations
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community with our experts speakers and other targets of workplace abuse


What People Are Saying:

Now I feel there's hope.

I'm grateful I'm not alone.

It was so validating.

Understanding the dynamics of bullying at work is so empowering.

The summit opened my eyes to how a company should operate and how to prevent me from going into another toxic work environment.

The summit gave me a way to conceptualize my experience so I can explain what I went through without needing to provide detailed examples. You have no idea how helpful it is to simply understand things from that objective angle.

This summit is exactly what I needed to get a reality check on my own healing in the aftermath of workplace abuse. It was reassuring to realize how much I've grown in the year since I left that job. I now know I'm on my way to living an even better life than had the job not been toxic.