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Does it seems like your employees aren't engaged or even happy?
This program will help you turn your culture around.


Your bottom line may be on the line.
It's time to get the most out of
your employees.

What a healthy work culture looks like

Understand what a healthy culture and toxic culture look like, including how to identify toxic patterns with your own behavior.

Learn a new roadmap for managing

Learn from some of the best minds in business on how to manage change, grow your team, practice radical honesty, resolve conflicts, and more.

Get practical tips to get started

Where do you begin? Learn valuable tools including how to manage your time, hire, accomplish tasks as a group, give feedback, and more.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course, you'll figure out how to approach management so everyone can feel and do their best.

Two-thirds of employees are NOT happy at work says Right Management, and roughly the same amount aren't engaged says Gallup Polling. As many as a quarter to a half of all workers want to leave their jobs says Forbes’ Susan Adams.

What's going on with our work cultures? What seems to be the problem?

Culture starts with leadership. Leaders sometimes engage in wrongdoing, withhold support, trust, and respect, communicate poorly, have personal agendas, and are hypocritical.

Most bosses who create toxic environments succeed despite rather than because of their ways. They mistakenly conclude that their nastiness is crucial to their success.

What’s more: the behaviors managers use and traits they have to rise up the ranks stop working and start backfiring. But they keep doing these things because that’s what always worked for them.

Luckily, there's a better way. 

We know what it takes for organizations to create positive, high-performance cultures — to attract better talent, increase productivity, energize each other, share ideas more freely — and outperform competition. That’s what I’m here to show you.

This course is for those who oversee employees at any level of an organization. It’s for those new to management and those seasoned managers looking for tips on how to change their cultures.

You'll get access to a top secret Facebook group of others who've taken the course — where you can get peer advice on your most pressing issues.

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